Power SteeringMost modern vehicles include power steering options, which had made it much easier for the driver to physically turn the wheel. Therefore, if the power steering goes out, the problem is immediately noticeable, making it very difficult to properly and safely navigate turns. At Napa Auto Care Center, we are extremely knowledgeable in modern power steering systems, and can help you diagnose and repair this common issue.

Symptoms of power steering problems or failure include:

  • Squealing, screeching or ‘whining’ noise, indicating low power steering fluid
  • Steering wheel vibrations during idle
  • Difficulty turning the wheel

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Steering a vehicle without power steering can be exceptionally difficult. If you suspect something is wrong with your car, please contact our Phoenix auto shop at (602) 667-3400. To visit our Casa Grande location, Discount Bake Tune N’ Lube, please call (520) 426-1500.