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Our Phoenix auto repair shop focuses on customer satisfaction. Our highly trained areas of expertise range from performing simple tune-ups to complicated auto repairs.

auto-repairOur services are designed to catch problems before they cause major damage to your vehicle. We understand that minor parts often wear out and need to be replaced, so our specialists are trained to diligently check and monitor the lifecycle of each one to prevent additional problems. We have seen all-too-many automobiles in need of costly repairs due to neglect of such meticulous prevention.

Fluids are the lifeblood that keep your vehicle’s moving parts lubricated. We check the level and condition of oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, anti-freeze, and transmission fluid. Our Phoenix Auto Repair shop mechanics will change any fluids needed and make sure they are at the correct level.

We also recognize the importance of clean filters; these moderate the amount of dirt entering the system while still providing oxygen. If the air and fuel filters are dirty, the necessary volume of clean air is prevented from reaching the engine, which negatively affects the emission control systems of the car. Belts and hoses carrying fluids keep the moving parts of an engine turning smoothly. We inspect each filter, belt, and hose, searching for any excessive wear or tear and change them accordingly.Brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Phoenix Auto Repair understands that paying attention to the signs of brake wear is vital to your safety when driving. Checking brakes include a thorough examination of the pads, drum, and rotor of each side of the car. If brake pads are too thin, we replace them with new ones. A regular check of your braking system usually prevents damage to the drum or rotors.

Our mechanics rotate tires, check the air pressure, and measure the tread wear. Doing so benefits you two-fold: it extends the life of your tires and increases gas mileage. We also assess your battery to ensure that it is producing the appropriate voltage and that battery cables are free of corrosion. We inspect the spark plugs and wires to make sure the electrical system fires correctly.

Occasionally, even well-maintained vehicles will have a major break down. Technicians at Phoenix Auto Repair have the knowledge, ability, and tools to evaluate the damage and resolve the issue with thorough repairs. The era of “shade tree” mechanics is over. Today, highly sophisticated computerized parts on a vehicle usually require costly technology and trained technicians to diagnose serious problems.

Phoenix Auto Repair has the tools and technicians required to solve major car problems, upholding our goal to prevent major problems from happening. However; when they do, we aim to repair them quickly, correctly, and inexpensively.


We are the professionals in brake repair, servicing all makes and models of cars, trucks and vans. Just as our name says, we offer discount brake repair in the Phoenix, Surprise & Casa Grande areas. We are in the business of brakes and brake repair. Don’t let squeaky brakes go another day without being looked at. In all of our Phoenix locations we help our customers with all of their brake repair needs at the lowest price.